Welcome to Univent

Think it takes a Thomas Edison, or a Steve Jobs or a genius to invent something and make a fortune?

Toys, gadgets, technical items, almost anything could earn a fortune. A winning invention does not have to be something
that only PHDs and egg-heads understand
What can YOU come up with?

Welcome to the Universe of Inventing:
We’ve all heard of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Thomas Edison, but most people have never heard of the millions of people who invented something, big and small, that made them confortable in life, millionaires, or billionaires. Here at Univent, we know that many people could be inventors, but most never follow their dreams; they don’t think they have the right stuff. You can get the right stuff here, just look around.
The one thing every one of those people who created something and became financially comfortable had in common was they all started with an idea. What they also had in common was they all did something to make their idea come to life.

In a nut shell; It ALL Starts with an idea. Bill Gates had an idea. It became Microsoft, and he became a billionaire. Ever heard of Ernie Fraze? No? Well, one day at a picnic, he realized that he forgot a can opener. That lead to him inventing the pull top can. You know about those, right? Well, within a few years, Ernie’s company was doing $500 million per year in business! Has the world heard of ___________ [fill in your name] yet? It won’t, unless you do something about the next idea you get.
Ideas can either blossom, or wither on the vine, that is up to you. Univent is like a watering can; it will provide the stimulus for success.
The term “university” might frighten some people. If you are picturing a university that charges thousands of dollars tuition, and at the end of years of study gives you a fancy piece of paper that you can use to impress your boss, Forget it! Univent is like a university, but one that will cost you not much more than a dinner for 4, and doesn’t give you a paper to impress your boss, it gives you the tools to get rid of your boss! You can get that fancy diploma if you feel a need for it, but you can’t impress a boss if you don’t have a boss.
Please take a look around. You can be ready for action the next time a light bulb turns on in your head.
The time to act is NOW!

HE WHO HESITATES IS LOST – “Swift and resolute action leads to success; self-doubt is a prelude to disaster.

Proverb from ‘Cato’ (1713) by English essayist and poet Joseph Addison.

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